Goodbyes or any endings always come with a blessing.

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If you look back you’ll notice that our lives have been a series of goodbyes and endings. And every ending is linked to a new beginning.

We meet a myriad of people in our lives and each is meant to add some value and direction. These people work like the signals on an untravelled road and keep guiding us unknowingly towards our ultimate destination.

We as individuals are a blend of all the values, skills, articulation, memories, and whatnot of all the people we ever met. As human beings, we tend…

Building up your FQ or Financial Quotient

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The financial quotient can only be built when people start absorbing the basic amount of knowledge to save and multiply their money in hand. Start imbibing the knowledge from now onwards to slowly become rich.

You don’t need to earn profusely in order to save even a person earning less than 3000 dollars which is the average salary per month of a person living in The United States can save and invest smartly to buy and acquire anything which they want.

People hiring investment managers also often tend to lose a large part…

I feel social media is killing my creative buzz.

Losing your perspective,your creativity amid the exorbitant content available on social media.
Losing your perspective,your creativity amid the exorbitant content available on social media.
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How can you think and be creative while trying new things when someone else is thinking for you? While scrolling different social media platforms do you encounter the same content? Do you feel that you are brimming with so much information that it blocks your way into your own creative sphere?

Phewww…. I know I can relate to it.

Every time I come up with an idea and to know more about it I go to one of the search engines and then what? …

Have you ever experienced this ?? Drowned in your own little puddle of sadness and insecurities and just not able to remove the curtain to see your potential and your little world of happiness?

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Living in a world which is completely drenched in the power of good looks, happy, nomadic life and an unblemished place which relies on the number of likes, verified accounts, million followers, steep salary curves and the happiest families.

Social media has indeed influenced the organic growth of a homo sapien. They were always bound to the insecurities and faced the rejections and failures but this media platform or just another term of persuasive technology has disrupted their power to withstand the unpleasantly rough moments in life.

Today, we are so well aware of the personal lives and interests of…

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Someone who wants to explore and write about it….

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